Hey! I'll be reviewing your work today!

First of all, congrats on getting through all the exercises, they are pretty rough.


I don't think your arrows are horrible, i think you did a pretty good job! The lines are not wobbly, you were careful to compress them so it looks like they are getting farther/closer to the viewer. I'd say for to be a bit more careful to make the turn on the arrows at the same height, like in the like bellow


I actually struggled with this too, someone who reviewed my stuff gave me this advice, i think it can be applied to you also.

Organic Forms

I think you did a great job on this one, the lines are confident, the ellipses are drawn through, the shapes are as described in the assignment, the degrees of the ellipses are changing and they are aligned to their axis.

Texture analysis

I think you got the most of it right, drawing cast shadows not form shadows, not hatching or dotting for the most of it, so good job! I'd only try to be smoother in the transition, 'cause we can still see the black bar on the left.


This is probably the hardest exercise so far, so i think you did a great job! The textures wrap around the forms, you broke the silhouette, you drew cast shadows and were careful with your marks.

Form intersections

Okie, so the main thing here was confident lines, planning the lines, drawing through the ellipses, ghosting the lines, all that basic stuff, so i think you did a very good job!

Organic intersections

Overall you did a good job one this one too. The shapes are simple, your lines are great, you drew through the forms.

Some of your shadows are kind of sticking to the form of the object they're being casted on, not the form of the object that casts it, but as you did it correctly on most of them i assume it's just a matter of practice, anyway here's a link that may help.


Also some of your shapes look like they're kind of floating around unsupported, so you can try to think of them as water balloons that stack upon each other. I struggled with this too, helps if you try to not leave blank spaces between the sausages.

That's a kind of a hard exercise too, so you did a good job.

Again, congrats on finishing the homework, i hope this was useful somehow and i think you're really for lesson 3!