Hello Raulilo, I hope you are well,

Starting with organic intersections.

These came out pretty good, you stick to simple sausages and you think about how they relate in space. But there are cases where you leave an empty space between sausages. That's bad because you aren't bending sausages in those cases, but even if you did bend them, their shape would become too complicated for our exercise. So what I am trying to convey is that you should think more how those sausages correlate in space to each other and try to not leave empty space between them

Second thing that I want to point out is that your shadows mostly hug forms creating them. Remember that our shadows needs to warp around the surface it is cast on. Also try to have only one light source for a whole scene to make it consistent and easier for ourselves.

Moving onto your animals.

You forgot to add an intersection contour curve at the joints, this is an important step for us. Because if done correctly it definitely will strengthen the feel of 3d in our drawing.

Second thing that I want to point out is that your additional forms feel flat. When we add them it could be helpful to imagine the mass that we want to add in an empty space. With line line drawing it all comes to the silhouette of the mass. If nothing is touching it will be simple but if we press it against another mass it will change drastically to a more complex silhouette. But remember it is never random, it changes when there is a contact with a mass it is touching. As shown in this diagram

Keep in mind that when we add masses we want them to feel 3d, it is shown perfectly in this diagram.

I went over most important things you should adres right now in this overpaint of your camel drawing.

Please revisit this head demo, as it contains most up to date information. This is a really important demo in this lesson so please go over it a few times if needed.

Additional do it also for a fur.

I am not a fan of putting my own work in critiques but I drew a camel for lesson 5 and it should help you learn how to tackle it with construction.

Last thing I want to point out is that you aren't paying enough attention to reference. Making a perfect copy of an image isn't a point of draw a box, but studying our object or animal is. So I want you to keep in mind to look more than your draw. You can do overdraws in photoshop with your mouse or stylus if you have one. I did this lesson for this lesson and I learnt a lot of the subject I was drawing at the moment.


I feel like you rushed through demos or didn't do them at all. As your construction is lacking in most areas. It does get better but it isn't good enough to get a pass. So I will assign an additional pages before marking this lesson as complete.

Please do 4 pages of animals and please do few recent demos to get a hang of drawing animals quicker.