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9:27 PM, Thursday January 7th 2021

So good! You've got some mad skills. These are better than mine! Nothing to complain about here, you can move on! The boxes in the last exercise may look a little funky, but that's normal before making the challenge and learning how to truly draw a box.

Next Steps:

You're good to go. Go do the 250 box challenge!

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11:16 AM, Monday January 11th 2021

thank you so much for your kind words!!

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1:30 PM, Tuesday December 29th 2020

Here's my critique:


  • Exercise: Superimposed Lines

    -nicely packed only little visible frying

  • Exercise: Ghosted Lines

    -lines are smooth and consistent, it rarely wobbles, rarely misses the points, and rarely arcs

  • Exercise: Ghosted Planes

    -you're planes are incomplete you have ignored bisecting some parts of the planes (mostly the middle) learning and getting used to bisecting this planes is important because this is a tool we will be applying to future lessons you're lines however are very crisp and mostly on the point.

Overall: You done a job with your line work they are smooth and consistent it rarely does mistakes but with the planes however I think you shouldn't have skipped bisecting the middle of the planes it is an integral tool in perspective and drawing ellipses


  • Exercise: Tables of Ellipses

    -you're ellipses are good it rarely goes out or misses the bounds

  • Exercise: Ellipses in Planes (needing revision)

    -now this is where you could see why the middle bisection is important those bisections are your guide to draw those

    ellipses correctly, there's visible struggle in your ellipses it's trying to find those bisections I want you to redo assignment so you could understand and use this as a tool in the future.

  • Exercise: Funnels

    -you're ellipses are good it rarely goes out or misses the bounds

Overall: Good job on the ellipses again it rarely misses the bounds I just think I need to make u redo the ellipses in planes because so you could see why Drawabox makes us bisect those planes


  • Exercise: Plotted Perspective

    -nice job on the plotted perspective

  • Exercise: Rough Perspective

    -good job in the rough perspective your perspective are not that far off however you did struggle a bit with drawing the

    insides of the box

  • Exercise: Rotated Boxes

    -the boxes that are most close to the perspective point are okay but the farther the boxes from the perspective point gets

    very wonky like it's a little way too off at times but forgivable you could make it up by doing the 250 box challenge after

    you do the revision I request

  • Exercise: Organic Perspective

    Not gonna lie I think you're boxes here are little rushed and seems to have little planning at all but I think I could also

    forgive you for that and recommend to do a better job in the 250 box challenge instead

Overall: Try being more patient and plan the boxes more thoroughly because you honestly have really good lines it's a waste to just rush those boxes so again do your best in the 250 box challenge

Conclusion: You done a fantastic job I simply just think that you missed the point of the ghosted planes and ellipses in planes exercises and you should be more thoughtful about the boxes you draw.

P.S. Sorry for giving requesting a revision

Next Steps:

I want you to repeat the Ellipses in Planes I want to see that you do the bisections justice and take advantage of those bisections for doing the ellipses. Thank you

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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