Texture Difficulties

4:28 AM, Monday April 19th 2021

So, I'm having a problem with the Texture Analysis.

Because I'm so focused on the cast shadows, I tend to work on one area for a little, and then work on another area. The problem is, because I'm only worried about drawing the cast shadows, it creates an issue where the proportions of certain areas become so off, that continuing would be impossible. Further continuation would only abstract the image, to the point where it only vaguely resembles the source.

Now, I understand that the point of this exercise is supposed to be an introduction to texture. We aren't meant to be making pretty pictures. However, there must be something I can do to make the proportions a little better. I've considered putting faint marks in various places to help contain things. How do you guys deal with your proportions on something like this?

This assignment has been the biggest roadblock so far. This next attempt will be my fourth try. The rotated boxes and 250 box challenge have nothing against this...

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3:23 PM, Monday April 19th 2021

You could try the old squint your eyes trick to blur the detail.

This is a difficult exercise, I still struggle, but like the insect or animal drawings, the purpose is to understand and analyse not to end up with, as you say, a pretty picture.

So some of your images will be a bit abstract and probably will only partially resemble the source. That's OK. Best to do and get some feedback rather than flog yourself with it.

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6:05 PM, Monday April 19th 2021

The point of the exercise isn't really to make an exact copy of what you see, it's to get the general texture out of it. As long as the final image still looks like the texture you're going for it should be fine.

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