Hello! Good morning to you. I hope my review of your homework will help you.

Organic Intersections: The sausages look consistent in size, which is good. Good job with the contour lines, which follow the shape and its axis.

Maybe the shadows could extend a bit more downwards. Oh, and I'm also interested to note that some of the stacked sausages look "flat". These should look as if they are rolled up on the sausage holding them.

Maybe this article will help, if you don't get my point.


I could take several animals and tell you the details they share.

The poses and foreshortening are pretty good, they look believable. But the constructive method is weakly applied. If we stop at the birds you will see that in the ostrich, its wings or hair seem to simply float above it. And the first bird's tail is just a 2D figure with no connection to the pelvis; I would also expect to see wings on this bird but it seems to have been forgotten.

Even in the birds and in the following animals, you can see that the legs are designed as two-dimensional shapes, without having some sausage as a base, which is what you would expect.

There are cases like that otter or marten (idk how it's named on english) where you have used some kind of sausage but in no way go beyond these and no shape is added on top of them, giving an unfinished look.

These mistakes are illustrated in the following image.

In later animals, such as deer or bears, I notice that the face planes are missing. Having added the facial features without them, it looks as if only the eyes and mouth have been glued to the base of the face.

As I highlighted in my image with corrections, you should look for these shots that are somewhat hidden in your reference images, and if you don't notice them there, you should look for more supporting references.

Here are some examples.


I'll be leaving you some homework and when you finish it we'll see if you can move on to the next lesson.

Don't be discouraged if you feel that I highlighted several mistakes. This is only because we are looking to improve each drawing.

There are many things that are great, like the gestural quality of all the drawings or that hybrid made with several animals (and, of course, the great patience you have to have to draw so many animals methodically).

Good luck!