Landscapes (50% rule)

4:22 AM, Sunday January 28th 2024

Landscapes (50%rule) - Album on Imgur


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Most of these digital paintings of landscapes where made by using various references and then creating an original piece. Then, some others were made by using photographs of real life landscapes that were taken by me.

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12:57 AM, Tuesday March 19th 2024

the first is really amazing, but in the second scene try using value more like make dark places more darker and light lighter especially on the foreground element to create focus that will create a variety and try to follow diagonals as guides for entire painting to make it more dynamic.the third one has a great contrast . just keep focusing on wave tha trees make and foreground element. the fourth one is my favourite, good contrast, negative space and rhythm. just make the foreground with most value and gradually reduce it with every layer to create more depth. the fifth one has good contrast and the thing about foreground and backgroung element that i just talked but it looked boring to me because of lack of some good rhythm in clouds that takes you away from the painting use its rhythm to keep the eye on the painting and. and the foreground element is a little back. but i must say you made some really amazing stuff to look at. i really enjoyed each one of them and your effort shows in every painting. Great effort man. Thanks for making these.

5:03 PM, Tuesday March 19th 2024

Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback really, and I'll be sure to take all of this into account for my next paintings. THANK YOU!

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