Do I receive credits when upgrading Patreon tier?

3:17 AM, Monday April 19th 2021

Hello you all,

I just finished lesson 3 but when I tried to submit my homework, I discovered that some of my credits had unfortunately expired. As I was already thinking of upgrading tier (from Student to Dedicated Student), I want to know if I upgrade now, the additional credits are received right away or I'll have to wait until next month to be able to submit my homework.

Thank you

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12:48 PM, Monday April 19th 2021

When you upgrade your patreon tier, you're charged the difference between the old and new tiers up-front, and are also awarded the difference in monthly credits. Then on the first of the following month, you'll be charged the full amount, and will receive the full number of credits as well.

So yes - you'll receive additional credits right away, although not the full amount for the tier.

2:23 PM, Monday April 19th 2021

Nice, just what I hoped for! Thanks!

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