Hi Kosjatko!!

Congratulations on finishing Lesson 2!! It is not an easy lesson for sure.

I'll point out here some things i noticed in your drawings:

  • You did a great job compressing the arrows so they look bigger as they approach the viewer, which was the main goal of this exercise. However, your lines are wobbling just a little bit, this probably happened because you are not used to draw curves, the most important this is to be confident not accurate, so you get a nicer flow for your arrows.

  • I'd like to mention something about your lines here, as i said before they are a bit wobbly on the arrows exercise, as well as when you draw ellipses, but on the form intersections exercises they look really great when you do them straight, so i think you understand how to achieve nice and confident lines, you just need to extend this to the other types of lines.

  • As for your organic forms everything seems good, you kept the forms simple, they have an axis, the degrees of the ellipses are changing, they are within the bounds and aligned with the axis also you hooked the contours, so well done. The only thing i noticed is the line issues i already mentioned.

  • On the texture analysis exercise i see you draw the cast shadow shapes and not the lines, you didn't do any dotting or hatching to transition or any kind of scribbling and that is great! Just a minor suggestion would be to try to make a more seamless transition at the black and white bars, since they are quite visible yet.

  • I think your dissections look good too, you broke the silhouettes of the forms, you drew the cast shadows, and you wrap the textures around the forms, good job!

  • As i mentioned before, your form intersections have great lines and look good in general, no line repetition and the lineweight was applied correctly.

  • Your organic intersections are very good, you drew simple forms and also through them, mainly they look quite solid. Your lines here are a bit wobbly, and i think you could have pushed the shadows a little more so they really conveyed the form of the sausages below. Another thing worth mentioning is that some of the forms are not stable, they are kind of floating which is normal but watch out for a next time. I'm leaving a link that exemplifies what i just pointed out https://imgur.com/a/YdQkMIc.

Overall i think you did a great job on these tough exercises and you are ready for lesson 3!! good luck and have fun!