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6:36 PM, Saturday July 2nd 2022

Looks good, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Though, these are the main concerns that come to mind:

  • Rough perspective - the red lines indicated that you nailed all the VP exactly - did you use the help of a ruler to get the line right or you were just good at it (or took your time to carefully get the VP correct)?

  • Organic Perspective - sometimes all 3 VPs for the odd box seemed to be at infinity or extremely far away.

Next Steps:

250 box challenge

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11:36 PM, Saturday July 2nd 2022

Yes, it seems he used a ruler to make the projections. Some black lines don't match them. I believe it's ok, but focus on not doing it on the 250 box challenge to really improve your guessing skill and perception of space.

12:45 AM, Sunday July 3rd 2022

First of all Thank you for the critique

And yes I think I misunderstood the purpose of the red lines and used a ruler.

I thought it should be done with the ruler to see the difference between my lines (the box ) and right lines (red line) , I know is seems stupid know that I think about it.

I'll try not to do this in the future :-) ,

Thank you and appreciate you taking the time .

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