250 Box Challenge

11:01 AM, Wednesday April 29th 2020

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/yWQ1vk3.jpg

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This one was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG or at least it felt like it but I'm finaly done with it.

I nearly gave up over half way thought but I was able regain my resolve and ended up drawing the last 12 in a day (I have no idea how I did that)

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4:02 PM, Thursday May 7th 2020

Can’t see anything... If you’d be so kind as to take a picture of each individual page, I’d much appreciate that.

9:40 PM, Saturday June 27th 2020
edited at 9:40 PM, Jun 27th 2020

I agree that the pages should be individual images. If you need help scanning the individual pages, I recommend using the free app called Adobe Scan. With it you can pretty quickly scan multiple pages into one pdf using just your smart phone. (From there, I use a website to convert the pdf to jpgs and then upload them to imgur.)

edited at 9:40 PM, Jun 27th 2020
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11:00 PM, Tuesday July 28th 2020

Please take pictures of your pages individually so I can see them properly and go ahead and upload them to a new imgur album and link it in a comment here, then I can critique your work :)

Next Steps:

Closer pictures please.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
6:23 AM, Sunday August 16th 2020

The orginal resaon why they were all bounched up were becase Imgur didn't want to cooperate, thought this time around it did and hope this give a better look


2:21 AM, Wednesday August 19th 2020

Thanks for the re-upload, and congrats on finishing the challenge.

Overall you do show nice improvement through the challenge, though theres a few key principles it looks like you missed.

  • You have a tendency to extend your lines in the wrong direction even in your later boxes. Your parallel lines should be moving away from the viewer and towards the convergence point. In other words as explained here your extension lines will move away from the starting y when you construct your box.

  • Your lines get cleaner throughout the challenge which is great, however you should only be reinforcing the lines on the inside of the box, the sillouhette, none of the inner lines. Keep in mind also, if you make a mistake you must stick with it, no redrawing it or "fixing it" just let it go as trying to correct it will only draw more attention to it.

  • The orientation of your boxes is relatively similar here's a sheet showing some alternate orientations, try making your starting Y more varried with some lines shorter and some longer and see what happens. You can also use this generator as a starting point for a bigger variety of boxes.

  • Hatching lines are a great way to show orientation, make sure to keep slow and steady when you use them and be just as attentive to cleanness as any other line.

  • One thing that might help your overall understanding of your boxes are these notes. Thinking of your lines as parallel instead os just converging can help, in addition this construction method is often helpful in keeping mistakes form adding up.

Next Steps:

While you've shown nice improvement theres still more I think you can get out of this challenge. Please draw 30 more boxes keeping in mind and trying to apply the stuff I've mentioned.

You've got this.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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