Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:16 AM, Saturday July 11th 2020

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I completed lesson 1 a couple of weeks back. I decided to redo a couple before submitting, including superimposed lines and tables of ellipses. The improvement after two weeks of drawing every day was obvious and remarkable!

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6:36 PM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Hello and congrats on finishing lesson 1. I'll be looking at your submission today. Starting with your superimposed lines these are looking quite good. You are keeping a nicely defined starting point on these and are getting fairly accurate results with minimal wavering even on longer more challenging lines. Good work. Your ghosted lines and ellipses are having some wobble issues that I'm noticing. Looking at your submission in general I think you are still a bit too preoccupied with accuracy. Right now your main concern should be getting a smooth flowing line at the expense of accuracy if need be. Accuracy is something that builds up naturally with mileage. Now I don't want to discourage you because for the most part your lines are pretty smooth and I did see improvement with your ghosted planes but it's important to know that smoothness is the priority over accuracy at this point.

Your tables of ellipses are largely having the same issue. You are doing a great job drawing through all of your ellipses but I think you might be slowing down a bit while chasing accuracy and it's introducing some wobble into your ellipses that is hurting their overall shape. Remember to ghost as many times as you need to and then draw with confidence and worry about accuracy later. Your ghosted planes are running into the same issue at times. Please check the lesson notes here https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/12/deformed You ellipses in funnels probably turned out the worst overall in this regard. Like I said your priority at this point is getting a smooth ellipse shape overall. You are also running into some issues with your ellipses tilting off the minor axis a bit. Not horribly so but enough to where I want to point it out to you. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/13/notaligned

Plotted perspective looks fine although you should have extended your lines back as was shown in the homework. Your rough perspective boxes turned out decently. You did a great job extending your lines back on these to check your work. Some of your perspective estimations were quite off but that will grow with practice. I am noticing that you are starting to add line weight to your boxes here which is fine. When you do decide to add line weight it should be treated the same as when you draw every other line during these lessons. Ghost it multiple times and then draw from the shoulder with confidence.

Your rotated box exercise turned out okay. You did a great job drawing through your boxes here and keeping your gaps narrow and consistent. You are handling the box rotations pretty well for the most part although some of the boxes do seem like they are moving back in perspective instead of rotating. Please check the lesson notes here. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/16/notrotating Your real problem here is that you simply drew this too small to start with. A good tip while you are working through some of these exercises is to simply draw bigger. Drawing bigger will help you think about the spatial problems you are facing much more easily than if you are drawing small and it will take a lot longer for your drawing to become cluttered and confusing. Your organic box exercises turned out very well for the most part. You seem to be ghosting well and your line quality here seems improved over your earlier pages. Your boxes are already looking quite solid as well so great job here.

This was a really great submission overall and you showed a lot of improvement as you worked through these exercises. That said I think your ellipses still need the most practice and attention so keep up with those. I'm going to mark this lesson as complete and good luck with the 250 box challenge. Keep up the good work!

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
10:25 PM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Thanks so much for the detailed and constructive feedback!

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