Drawing Prompt: Cosmic Confectionary

2:52 AM, Saturday March 26th 2022

NovaPop 3000 - NathanP - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/0OMagLS.jpg

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This submission was done for the Cosmic Confectionary drawing prompt. Check out more submissions here!

Introducing the NovaPop 3000 (NP3K) by LicTec. Now sold in a galaxy near you! This digital lollipop has taken the universe by storm. Every child has to have one . . . or two. Equipped with a flavour selection screen the NP3K allows each licker to choose from a galactic number of flavours in the online library. New flavours are synthesized and uploaded daily. Don't wait! Try them all!! The lolli's colour changes to match the selected flavour, and the NP3K even includes a button to spin the lolli for the most convenient licking experience. What are you waiting for?! Head to the nearest Pop Shop and pick up your NovaPop 3000 today. Batteries not included.

For the Spring Promptathon -- Day 1: Cosmic Confectionary. I had so much fun making this!


P.S. I had trouble posting this for the Promptathon event; so I decided to just add it to my sketchbook.

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11:20 AM, Saturday March 26th 2022

Wooh, I would love to see an interface to change flavors in the future. That's an excellent idea!

The mental flavor sounds interesting :o

1:37 PM, Saturday March 26th 2022

Thanks, Chayota.

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