Hi, I'll critique your work.


Your Superimposed Lines look decent. As you went, your lines had less wobbling. You approached it with a good amount of confidence, and you're fraying on only one end. Nice work. Keep at it during warm-ups and I'm sure you'll get better.

Your Ghosted Lines look very smooth. I'm not sure if you were undershooting/overshooting. But in any case, looking at the end point as you ghost can help. Sitting position and posture might also be a factor. So get comfy, yet alert in sitting. Also feel free to ghost as many times as you need to get your arm familiar with the motion it's supposed to do.

Ghosted Planes look solid. There are some curved lines, but that doesn't seem to be much of an issue. Your lines got straighter for the most part. So good job ghosting. I'm sure with time and practice you'll get better.


Your Tables of Ellipses look confident. You got real creative with this one. You did a decent job fitting the ellipses snugly, and that got better over time. Next things to work on would be the evenness of the ellipse, and the cohesion of the ellipse. You might want to spend more time planning the ellipses, imagining them before ghosting, and then you ghost. Ghost as much as you need for your arm to get comfortable with making the motion needed.

Your Ellipses in Planes got better as you went. Some are still uneven, but you still approached this exercise with confidence. Good job on prioritizing confidence over accuracy.

Your Funnels look solid. You played around with the concept of the minor axis (center line) correctly, and you got better with evening out your ellipses. You also kept that confidence going. Great job with this one.


You did Plotted Perspective correct, and well. Looks like you really took the time to figure out each line before making them. Nice work.

The lines on your Rough Perspective look a bit off. That's ok, because this is our first time doing something complex with ghosting. Just keep in mind that ghosting is crucial, and that you shouldn't rush it. You might have to spend more time on just a few lines. That's ok. We'd much rather have a few smooth lines, than a whole scene with rushed lines.

The Rotated Boxes look wonky. The rotation on the outer boxes is very subtle, and there shouldn't be multiple lines for one line (just a nitpick, but this is a thing for all these exercises, so it's important). But you did follow each step correctly, and you kept your gaps narrow. So I'd you did a decent first try at this spatial challenge.

The Organic Perspective Boxes look good. You experimented with certain rotations, portions, and sizes well. And it looks like you took great consideration as to where the lines converge. Great job for the first time doing this.


You approached all of these exercises with a good amount of confidence. Next thing to work on would accuracy and evenness. There is some room for improvement, but this is a good first step into markmaking, and playing with spatial concepts. Good submission, I'll mark it as complete. Best of luck with the Box Challenge