Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:25 AM, Saturday May 21st 2022

Lesson 1: Homework - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/GltrcAX.jpg

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Hello, I would like to get feedback on my submissions, Thank you.

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11:43 PM, Thursday May 26th 2022

Hi, great job on finishing Lesson 1!

Starting off with your Superimposed Lines, there's slight fraying at the beginning of your lines. It's very minimal but make sure you're properly taking the time to place your pen on the correct dot before drawing your line and also while using the ghosting method. On your Ghosted Lines, there's a slight arch and small waver in some of your lines. There's no need to worry about that as this is the beginning and you'll definitely be getting more practice with your line work and using your shoulder in future lessons. On your Ghosted Planes / Ellipses in Planes, you exhibit the same problem with a lack of confidence in your lines and in some of your ellipses. DaB already suggests this and I will as well, you should take 10 - 15 minutes before doing an exercise / the lesson doing Ghosted Lines or Ghosted Planes. This will definitely help with your line confidence and getting more used to using your shoulder.

Moving on to your ellipses, I appreciate how you filled all the spaces in the table with ellipses. One minor thing I might suggest is to practice drawing ellipses that aren't tilted because it become a problem when you can't draw a straight ellipse. This issue is prevalent in your Ellipses in Funnels, are some aren't properly aligned to the minor axis because they're drawn with a slight tilt. On the other hand, there's space between the ellipses in the funnels and you should eb trying to draw the ellipses touching each other. On Ellipses in Planes, some of your ellipses lack confidence which is alright as I stated in the earlier paragraph.

Switching over to Boxes, your hatching on Plotted Perspective looks rushed and lacks confident. Every line drawn on this exercise must be done with a ruler. Additionally, when you hatch your lines, they should be treated like a regular line by using the ghosting method and your shoulder, no need to rush. Great job on Rough Perspective on drawing your lines back to the vanishing point. But, you tend to redraw the line when you mess up and that's exactly what you should not be doing. Avoid doing that and move onto the next line and act if the line you messed up on is perfectly fine. Rotated Boxes falls under the same issue similar to Plotted Perspective, don't rush your hatching and take time on it. I can also see you're redoing some of the boxes line and the boxes on the edge tend to push out further than the ones next to it. Organic Perspective also falls under the same issue with redoing your lines. Asides from that your boxes are well drawn.

Overall, there's some slight problems regarding redoing lines, line confidence, and hatching, but that's what you'll be working on in the next lesson. I'll be marking this lesson as complete, and don't forget to start doing warm-ups before lessons.

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250 Box Challenge

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1:19 AM, Sunday May 29th 2022

thank you for your feedback. Yes I often scared everytime I tried to execute the ghosting line, but I'm working on it. Again, thank you.

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