Question about the 250 Box Challenge

8:18 PM, Tuesday October 5th 2021

Hey Guys, I have a question about the 250 box challenge.

How do I know which side of my box is pointed towards the viewer?

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4:38 AM, Thursday October 7th 2021

You should read the complete challenge first...

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3:37 PM, Wednesday November 10th 2021

I had the same confusion as I just started working on the challenge. I found an answer from Uncomfortable somehwere in the comments (scroll down deep to about 1 year ago) under the 'How to Draw a Box 2' vido:

Here is his reply snippet copied: "To put it simply, the box is made up of six faces. Three faces point towards the viewer, three point away. Pick one of the faces that point towards the viewer and fill it with hatching lines. Any of those will do, as long as you pick one that isn't facing away."

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