12:45 AM, Thursday July 15th 2021

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i just feel like scratching, cause when doing boxes i need to ghost every line and think about where the vp is at every line, so feels good to just scratch.

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9:17 AM, Saturday July 17th 2021

I understand the impulse. For what it's worth, I've not felt the need to 'scratch' as much in my personal drawing as I build better habits in the lessons.

But SOME scratching might have it's place, and I don't really believe that most artists do an initial sketch without petting some of their lines or using other "messy" techniques to find the right shape - the more experienced ones just seem to know how and when they can use those techniques to get the desired result.

2:23 AM, Monday July 19th 2021

Uh, that's neat to know, thank you.

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9:24 PM, Thursday August 5th 2021

I understand.

Sometimes I just make quick scribbly lines all over the place, with no meaning, just for the joy of seeing the pencil making marks, like a little child.

It reminds me of "automatic drawing"

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