250 Box Challenge

5:07 AM, Friday September 22nd 2023

Nephele - 250 box challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/H3W7OHo.jpg

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Finally i completed this challenge !!! I try to arrange pages in order 1 to 250 so you dont have a hard time in finding but not sure if its work. Thank you in advance for reviewing my work :)

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6:51 AM, Tuesday October 10th 2023
edited at 7:08 AM, Oct 10th 2023

Congratulations on completing the 250 box challenge! This is a very difficult challenge which takes a lot of patience and dedication so feel proud.

Overall, you improved a lot over the course of this challenge. This is especially true when I compare the first six boxes to the later boxes like #103 and #240, which are some of my favorites.

One problem, though, is that even in the later boxes, some of your lines are still diverging (such as the orange lines in #245). In the future, make sure you try your best to not let your lines diverge since parallel lines will always converge in perspective (even if only a little). This diagram is a useful reminder for how the angles of the lines in a set should relate to each other: https://i.imgur.com/8PqQLE0.png

Other than that, great job, and good luck with the rest of Drawabox!

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9:34 AM, Thursday October 12th 2023

Hi Armoo,

Thank you for taking your time to critique my work. I'll keep in mind and try not to repeat the things you mentioned.

So excited to move on to lesson 2 :)

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