250 Box Challenge

11:14 AM, Thursday April 16th 2020

Drawabox - 250 Box Challenge - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/R0WFWj2

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This link might be easier as you can sort images etc Select 250 Box Challenge. Filenames are ordered chronological order.


Switch to 6 boxes per page at around 100. Think I started to hit my stride at around 200.


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12:58 AM, Saturday April 18th 2020

Hey there Scoobyclub, I'll be handling your 250 Box Challenge critique.

I'm happy to say that you did improve noticeably over the challenge, I'd agree with you that you hit your stride around box 200. I'm also glad that you started drawing larger and fewer boxes per page. Drawing big helps us understand what's going on and allows us to see our mistakes with more clarity.

Your lines are converging much more consistently towards their vanishing points, and your linework has tidied up a bit which is great. You may want to experiment with lineweight a bit more in the future but by no means was it a requirement, just a suggestion to help make your images pop a bit more on the page. While you may have come across this through instinct, you may find this image helpful. It shows how each line relates to one another. The 2 inner lines will always be fairly similar, while the outer 2 have a bit more variety, remember that as a vanishing point moves further away from a box, each pair of lines in the box will get closer to parallel.

Overall great work, you clearly have a better understanding of working in 3D space and a lot more mileage under your belt. Congratulations are always in order when someone manages to get through this challenge, it takes a lot of willpower.

I'll be moving you on to Lesson 2. Keep doing previous exercises as warm ups, and make sure you draw for your own enjoyment as well.

Great work and good luck!

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Move on to Lesson 2.

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10:43 AM, Saturday April 18th 2020

Thanks for the review. I was starting to be able to just visualise towards the end but I seemed to always have one bad one per page, usually due to following the wrong line error rather than simple misjudgement.

I have been using some fineliners I got from Wilko ( UK bargain store ). They are great for 30p each but I have got some staedtlet 0.5mm now and they have a very noticeably heavier and juicer line. So I will switch up to those and that should improve lineweight. Save the cheap ones for warm up.

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