250 Cylinder Challenge

2:13 AM, Monday July 10th 2023

Co-lord44 250 Cylinder Challenge - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/K6Kfokr.jpg

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For some reason there is a mature tag placed on this. No idea why. Just click the yes i'm over 18 and you will see my work.

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11:19 PM, Wednesday September 27th 2023

Hello color

On the normal cylinders you've overall done a good job, main problem i see is that sometimes you're still drawing your ellipses without confidence, like on 136 or 122, keep always in mind that u always have draw them as confidently as you can to get the most out of this exercise.

On the boxes in general you're doing a good job with the initial boxes, but yo have a tendency to ignore the minor axis of the cylinder. The line that goes through the middle of the boxes is going to be the minor axis for the ellipses, so pay attention to it.

Here are some examples on your non confident ellipses and the issue with not alligning them to the minor axis , if you do it this way you'll realize that the issues why you did the ellipses so weirdly is because the box itself was on fault; on the bottom left one you werent drawing a cube (the face on top wasn't a square) so it was impossible to draw a good ellipse that touched all sides.

But if you ignore the correct way of drawing ellipses you won't realize of that issue and you won't be able to improve your boxes, which is why its important to pay attention to it.

Anyways thats about it, good job overall, just keep in mind these 2 things. Make sure you really understand what I mentioned here and move on to lesson 6, good luck!

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Lesson 6

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5:36 AM, Friday September 29th 2023

Thank you very much for the feedback. I had to go back and re-read through your description a couple times but I see what you meant. Drawing Elipses is tough, even more so traditionally and I think how this could have been avoided was more warming up and ghosting to really make sure I had it before putting my pen to the paper.

As for the axis, with so many lines I think what happened was I might have gotten confused and misjudged where it was supposed to go. I'm wondering here maybe after the box maybe that axis should have been founded first to avoid that mistake? Just a thought. I wonder also if instead of going for such extreme angels perhaps minor ones would have been better for this challenge.

That said while waiting for this the fun stuff posted in digital media I have not only been trying to apply bettern construciton with this channllenge, I feel my cylinders, lines, elipses, and boxes have gotten better so this challenege certianly has helped.

Overall I think by just warming up more and better step by step for construction some of these things can be overcommed. In addition applying these things to my fun art also helps me grasp a better way of understanding these concepts. So once again thank you for going over this. I'll do my best moving forward.

1:21 PM, Friday September 29th 2023

You already drew the axis on all the boxes. The axis is the one i marked in purple in your boxes on the drawover

2:36 PM, Friday September 29th 2023

Right; I'm just trying to figure out why the things you noticed happened so that way I can learn and improve to get better. Your advice has helped and trying to figure how could I have done better looking back on them.

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