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Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

7:33 PM, Wednesday August 11th 2021

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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This one was really fun!

I don't have much to add other than the fact I really enjoyed this lesson, I never attempted drawings insects before because they didn't particularly interest me, but I found so many cool looking insects when looking for references! 10 pages kind of felt like too little tbh but I can always draw more outside of dab :)

Just one small clarification for anyone who reviews this: the initial forms look clearer/slightly faded, I was not making a conscious effort to draw them lighter, I just drew fast and my fineliner gets a worse inkflow when I draw fast, I decided not to draw slower because that would be detrimental to my linework as of now, but I'm aware I probably should practice drawing smooth ellipses and lines in the future while maintaining a slower pace as to get a richer line. Also the shadows in the ground are so much more difficult to draw than I initially thought

Anyway, I'm really thankful for anyone who takes some time to review my homework! And if not I'm already thankful if you're read this far

Here are the reference pictures I used


We all hate ads, but they help keep the lessons free and pay for its upkeep - they're removed for those at the Casual Student Patreon Tier and higher
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1:38 PM, Friday August 20th 2021

Heya, feedback for Lesson 4. I haven't done community critiques for a while but I hope this is helpful for you.

Organic forms with contour curve.

Looking great, you have the confident line down. Contour curves follow the sausage's minor axis, and are changing in size with perspective - well done. Some sausages look a little deformed (squishy or stretchy): remember L2, these sausages meant to be two spheres connected by a tube of consistent diameter!

Insect drawings.

Ah, I remember questioning you about the lineweight in #lesson4, thanks for the reminder!

Overall, your insects look great: I can see clearly how you're building them up from primitive forms (spheres/balls, sausages), piling additional forms on top of this foundation while respecting the bottom contour, and drawing through all the linework. Even all the very small forms (eg. wrapping masses on legs) are drawn through and are following principles from L2 form intersections. Wrapping forms on top of each other becomes more important in L5 (since that lesson is about constructing with soft masses), and I think you got the idea here - so keep up that work in L5.

I don't have a lot to say because your homework is of very high quality already. If I want to be really nitpicky, I'll say that the insect with the funny antenna (third from bottom) seems a little bit less precisely constructed, especially the abdomen and the masses on top of them. But that's not a big deal. ;)

Overall, great work, I think you've thoroughly understood and shown mastery of the concepts in L4. Onwards!

Next Steps:

Lesson 5 is next.

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12:28 AM, Wednesday September 1st 2021

Thank you so much for your critique! I already thanked you in the discord server but I just wanted to show my appreciation again and hopefully you can get some reputation points for your effort

Thanks again for the kind words and your help! Have a nice day :)

We all hate ads, but they help keep the lessons free and pay for its upkeep - they're removed for those at the Casual Student Patreon Tier and higher
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3:11 PM, Thursday December 23rd 2021

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