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12:35 PM, Saturday March 5th 2022

Hi there, congrats on making it through Lesson 2!

I will be reviewing your homework today so let's get this started!

Your arrows look good! Lines are confident and smooth. Sometimes your arrows seem to be bigger in the middle than towards the end. Remember to make one end of the arrow broader and the other end more narrow to help sell the idea of an arrow moving away or towards us.

Lines on the Organic Forms look good as well, as do the ellipses. I think you have a good feel for these two at this point. However please remember we're going for a sausage shape. A tube with a sphere on each end. That means no pinching in the middle, no bloating on one size and no elongated forms. See here: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/simplesausage

Please take another good look on the 'None of these' part since you included some of them.

Texture Analysis looks very good overall. Staying away from simple lines and drawing cast shadows only. Keep in mind that the black bar at the side shouldn't be visible in the end since we're going for a smooth gradient. You did improve it in your last study so I think it just takes time with learning, so you're all good!

For the Dissections I'm not really sure what happened but for some reason you went back to lines. Yes, sometimes we have very thin cast shadows but in cases like these you can try this method: https://i.imgur.com/M9JJfr4.png

Try to observe your reference before placing your marks, try to catch as much as you can even if it means looking over the reference three or four times if not more in one go. It takes time, but your study will improve a lot with a little patience!

Form Intersections are looking good! No complains here, just keep in mind that you can definitely go over the lines where you mark the intersections but you ghost those lines and then place a line once. So no 5 lines in one place, please. In addition, when constructing cylinders, please go with the method described here: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/8/step3

Organic Intersections are looking really good! Just try to follow the forms of the underlying shapes with the shadows a bit more, in some places they seem a bit off.

So this is it! I think you've done a good job mostly, there's a bit of revision I'd like to ask from you though, since this will be of major importance in the next Lessons.

Please do two more Pages of the Organic Forms. You can choose whether you want to the the Ellipses or Curves.

That's it! Again congrats on making it through Lesson 2 and I hope I'll hear from you soon!


Next Steps:

2 Pages of Organic Forms. You can choose between Ellipses or Curves.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:17 AM, Monday March 7th 2022

Thank you very much ! :)

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