Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:29 PM, Wednesday April 15th 2020

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I didn't even know I could fail so hard, that's a start I suppose...

I did everything with a 0.3 pen apart from the last paper of organic perspective, because I ordered a 0.5 pen and it arrived as I was doing that exercise, critique me to death please

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9:52 PM, Thursday April 16th 2020

Overall I think you did really good here, the superimposed lines I feel you did a good job there, the follow up lesson I could tell was almost getting away from you there. The ruled perspectice looks really on point as well so you definitely understand the material, I see the rough perspective I feel was a little rough but it all seems to be going toward the direction it needs to go so that's good. The tubed elipses and the plotted perspective on the boxes are probably what I'd focus on the most and making sure your form and strokes are good and solid.

Like I said to the last person before: I'm new and not a TA, but if I were to give you advice I think you probably just need more time under your belt with using this stuff, probably keep practicing the techniques were you felt weakest and go at it with learned focus paying attention to all the things the lessons mention such as form, technique, flow, etc. The 0.3 pen may also play a small part in it, thicker lines are easier to make more satisfying appearance especially the ones we learn in drawabox.

10:04 AM, Friday April 17th 2020

thanks! I appreciate you giving the criticism despite being fairly new to this, I will be using from now on 0.5 pens as recommended by the instructions, the most difficult things for me were (despite the ellipses, because that's just obvious considering the mess I did lol) drawing from the shoulder, and that's especially apparent with small lines. I had to fight against the tendency to draw using my elbow, locking my wrist and fingers was really easy, but the elbow basically drove me crazy.

I also noticed I wasn't rotating enough the boxes in the rotated boxes exercise, despite trying so hard to do so.

I think I did wrong the superimposed lines but I'm not sure, I was using the ghosting methods, but I read on other critiques that you need to carefully place the pen on the first dot before drawing the line, so I'm a bit confused.

I thought that everyone would receive TAs' critiques or even uncomfortable's critique for free lol (yeah uncomfortable, the man itself, the legend, that evil guy who steals the souls of his victims by making them draw boxes till they aren't capable of holding the pen anymore) , I recently learnt that you have to pay money to get that kind of critique lol (I know it was really stupid of me to think that, I mean he has to get paid for what he does lol, there was no way everything could be free), It's still amazing that I'm getting all the information of this site for free! I think DaB should be more popular, I found it thanks to a yt video but there's no way I could've found it on my own, and yeah I've only been through lesson one but I like this structured approach

thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it

10:15 AM, Friday April 17th 2020

also, I'm new to this, I'm not a patreon so will someone tell me what should I do next or do I have to understand it on my own?

I'm not an english native speaker so I don't know how I sounded, but I apologize if I came off as rude (the part where I ask "will someone tell me..." sounds pretentious to me, It's not my intention to be like that)

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10:25 PM, Thursday May 21st 2020

Hi! I'm checking old submissions in the Lesson 1 queue and I stumbled upon yours.

You definitely did an excellent job here. A 0.3 pen is not suited for these lessons (a ballpoint pen would be better) but you already said that you managed to get a 0.5. The only thing that I'd add to what was already said is that you should try to be a bit more careful with your lines because you tend to overshoot in some places like the planes or the boxes in the rough perspective (example here.

Keep in mind that overshooting with confidence is ALWAYS better than hesitant and wobbly lines (like many beginners do) so your problem is a minor one.

As for what to do next, I don't know if you already figured it out since you posted more than a month ago, but in theory you should wait for your lesson to be marked as complete and get your badge. In practice, though, you can see that getting a review could take a long time and probably there's nothing wrong in starting the next lesson while you wait, and coming back to the previous one if there's something that neeeds to be dealt with.

For now I'll mark your lesson as complete. If other 2 community members agree with me then your lesson 1 will be truly complete and you will get your badge. For now, onwards to the 250 box challenge!

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250 box challenge

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