Congratulations on completing the 250 Box Challenge!

You did a pretty good job overall and I can see by comparing your work at the start to your final pages, you do a much better job of getting your sets of parallel lines to converge more consistently towards their shared vanishing points. Generally in your construction you do a good job of creating smooth, confident looking lines for your boxes. I can see you put a lot of work into planning and ghosting all of the marks you made in your boxes construction.

You also did a pretty good job of adding some line weight to your boxes. I can see in a few places you were hesitating a little and it caused your lines to not blend well with your previous marks. When you go to add weight to a line it is important that you treat the added weight the same way you would a brand new line. That means taking your time to plan and ghost through your mark so that when you go to execute it the mark blends seamlessly with your previous mark. This will allow you to build and create more subtle and clean looking weight to your lines.

Finally while your convergences do improve overall I think this diagram will help you further develop that skill as you continue through Drawabox. So, when you are looking at your sets of lines you want to be focusing only on the lines that share a vanishing point. This does not include lines that share a corner or a plane, only lines that converge towards the same vanishing point. Now when you think of those lines, including those that have not been drawn, you can think about the angles from which they leave the vanishing point. Usually the middle lines have a small angle between them, and this angle will become negligible by the time they reach the box. This can serve as a useful hint.

You did a good job and made a lot of good improvement, good luck with lesson 2!