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3:52 PM, Friday July 30th 2021

Great work finishing the lesson! I just finished #2 as well :) It looks like you have a good handle on where your shadows should fall in the organic intersections exercise, and you have a great and interesting variety of textures in your texture exercises! The main thing that jumps out to me as an opportunity for practicing more would be drawing continuous, confident lines - when I look at your arrows, for example, or your contours, it looks like you might be picking up your pen and putting it down again several times as you complete a single shape, which gives your drawings a sketchy appearance and breaks up the forms. I suggest you work on putting your pen down, drawing the complete form start-to-finish, even if it looks wild at first - your lines will show more confidence as a result.

The other area for practice that I can suggest would be in your textures - using a bit more contrast at the edges of your forms, to establish a rounder, 3-D look for the forms. So, looking at your banana, for example, or your goat horn, instead of using lines that are the same weight all the way around the form, you might make the lines a bit heavier or thicker at the top and bottom edges, to give your form the appearance of depth.

Great work - keep going!!!

4:56 AM, Tuesday September 7th 2021

thank yoy for the feed back.-its helpfull- snd appoloies that im onlu now seeing it.

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