Hello. I will be reiviewing your lessong one hw

Superimposed Lines: Not bad with these.

Ghosted Lines: It does appear you are being aware of connecting from one point to another. Make sure you keep an eye on the ink in your pent as it does appear to be thinned out. Or not pressing hard enough.

Ghosted Planes: I am seeing the same thing again with the pen and ink mentioned in Ghosted lines. But nothing seems out of place other than that. Good work.

Table of Elipses: The biggest things i see is a lot of breaking out of bounds for the elipses whether it's the lines of the tables or into nerighbor elipses.

Elipses in Planes: I still am seeing a bit more of breaking out of boundries but a lot less this time. Good.

Funnels: These could have been spread out more and not so close together. On the other hand much better, the elipses are now staying more withing boundries and not breaking out.

Plotted perspectives: Because you have filled in a face for all boxes I can't tell how they look drawn through. I am glad you did provide a second one and that is much better.

Rough Perspective: Once again seeing fully filled faces making it hard to tell how your boxes look.

Rotated Boxes: I do see some missing boxes at the top. Try to take the picture without covering up some of the drawing with a thumb or hand.

Organic Perspective: A lot of these boxes are quiet wonky in shape.