Great job on using the shadow shapes and following the curvature. I am glad to see that you broke the silhouette. You did a very nice job here.

Organic forms with contour lines

  • ellipses: You tried to align all of the ellipses to the minor axis and went 2-3 times through all of them.

  • curves: good job on the left half - I can see you tried to wrap your curves around the forms. There is a problem, however - you redid most of your curves, but that’s not supposed to be done. This fraying from multiple lines is ruining the wrapping effect - compare with the two sausages on the left. They look clean and three dimensional.

Overall, well done.

Form intersections

One of the form intersections was supposed to be only boxes, but you don’t have it. Despite that, you did a pretty good job - the intersections make sense and things look pretty much fine. You have some mistakes too - many forms are elongated (and should have been pretty much equilateral), and you sometimes overdid the intersection thickness. Anyway, I can see that you understand this exercise, which is the most important.

Organic Arrows

These are really good, except the shading. You have confident lines and I can really feel the depth. Well done. The shading is often very messy - the right page is much better considering the shading.

Organic intersections

You didn’t really follow the forms of the sausages beneath and the shadows are sticking to your forms. You did use the contour curves well, but the end ellipses make no sense: they should turn and change degrees like the ones in the Contour lines exercise.

Texture analysis

From what I see, you did a pretty good job capturing the wall "textures", and you followed the instructions for this exercise. Well done. And I know you got this figured out from the Dissections as well. I am not sure what the last texture is, one of them was supposed to be crumpled paper and this one is quite curvy so I’m guessing it’s not that. You also didn’t write anything for two of the textures.

Overall, you have a pretty good showing, but you missed one exercise entirely. It's the organic intersections you mentioned had been difficult for you.