Arrows: These arrows are pretty much perfect, no complaints or criticism here except for to stop making us all look bad by comparison

Sausages: No complaints here. Great job again.

Texture analysis: The first two texture studies are, once again, perfect. Great job. The only one with any issues whatsoever is the third study of the orange peel. The transition from dark to light is much less gradual and steady here, although I am sure you noticed that. You are working with a very difficult texture, so don’t feel bad about it. You will start to understand how to simplify and render textures like that better as time goes on. Overall, outstanding work.

Dissections: Very nice. Your textures wrap around the curvature of the sausages and you break the silhouette, which is the most important thing. No comments here.

Form intersections: I am running out of complements but yeah these are great. Clean lines, and for the most part the intersections are accurate. The only thing you forgot is to draw through the intersections, even the lines that are blocked by the front. What I mean by this is, let's say, a cube is intercepted with a plane in the its corner. You draw the two sides of the cube that face the camera but forget the back line connecting them. It's not a huge deal, but drawing through the form intersections will help you understand how they operate more. I am not going to require it, but you can go back and draw in the missing lines that you forgot, if you want.

Organic intersections: Stop being so good at this. They're is only one mistake I can see, in one of them a shadow appears over a sausage that is overlapping it. This proves to me that you are indeed human and can make mistakes, sometimes.