hi there i'll be handling this critique,

also yes texture can be very grindy at times so it's great that you've learned a lot from it

  • starting off with the arrows i can definitely feel the flow for each arrow but the most common issue that i spot is that there are times where your arrows suddenly get pinched/bulged as it flows through space, keep in mind that as the arrow goes to the viewer we want to make it gradually consistent on getting wider so that we can give the illusion that it's moving through a 2d space https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/step2, but i can see this in some of your arrows so with more mileage you might be consistent with this. another thing is that we want to keep the confidence in our lines as there are times where you're arrows come off a bit wobbly, accuracy will just come with mileage so for the next lesson/warm-ups try your best to be confident as much as possible. one more thing is that when you're applying lineweight try to be subtle so that it would look more appealing and it'll greatly enchance the illusion that we are trying to sell to the viewer, i'd like to direct you to this image here.

  • moving onto the organic forms w/ contour ellipses/ contour lines, one issue that i found here is that you are making your sausages too complex, remember that we want to make our sausages simple so that we won't need to overthink things and mainly focus on what the lesson is aiming for us to understand https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/simplesausage. and one thing to keep in mind is that there is atleast 2 more orientations for the organic forms as shown here(although we wouldn't really know this since it wasn't included in the homework page but it's recommended that you practice these orientations), and it's good that you're varying your degree of ellipses, but you can also apply the same degree to the contour lines as shown here.also please try to avoid scribbling or marking out your mistake since making mistakes is fine and we'll learn alot more from it and as one community member mentioned to me: "here in drawabox we don't cross out our mistakes, but instead we try to work with it"

  • it might help if you've given the references so i'll try to give feedback in what i see are the main issues, so for your texture exercises i've seen that you've mainly focused on the outline of the form/ form shadow or the negative space, although there are some textures that i've seen you focus mainly on the cast shadows but you often keep straying away from it, namely on the dissections exercise the same applies with the texture analysis, there should also be a transition from dense to spare but in your work there are times where there's no transition at all, which means that you are mostly working with the explicit rather than the implicit which makes it abit visually noisy and it would've taken you a much lesser time if you've worked implicitly https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/2/implicitexplicit. in the texture analysis at the 3rd panel, you're black bar is still visible to the viewer, in the steps on the page it showed that we want to make it blend with the texture as it goes from dense to sparse https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/6/step5. one last thing is that to make your shadows more dynamic try to outline the shadow shape first then fill it up as shown in this image here

  • It's a common thing for people to not fully grasp how to intersect their forms, so if you feel like you're in this category try not to beat yourself too much since you'll eventually understand it with mileage. there is little foreshortening in some of your cylinders but it might be due to the fact that you don't know how to foreshorten it yet but just in case you should keep in mind that the ellipse closest to the viewer will always be bigger than the one further away https://drawabox.com/lesson/250cylinders/1/stage1 https://drawabox.com/lesson/250cylinders/1/degree

  • for the organic form intersections, you may have made some of your sausages too complex rather than making it simple, which makes it much more harder to wrap around our head https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/9/complicated, another thing is that there are times where you're shadows are inconsistent or not in the same light source as others, this would certainly contradict the illusion that you're trying to form so for next time it might help to draw a small little sun to determine where the light source would be so that you can draw the cast shadow for the forms, one last thing is that you're forms aren't wrapping that much it sometimes look like that they're just floating on the sausage and not wrapping around it.

although there are common mistakes that you are destined to make i believe with mileage you'll improve with it, this was a solid submission, but i'd like to ask you to do atleast a page of superimposed lines for your warmups so that you'll be more confident with your linework, don't forget to add these exercises for your warm-ups and feel free to move onto lesson 3