Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

12:15 AM, Saturday June 11th 2022

Drawbox Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/XAqotLO.jpg

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All exercises from lesson one, in order.

I took all the photos at the end, so I don't have one of the ghosted planes without the elipses.

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11:49 PM, Saturday June 11th 2022

Heyo I'm Ages and ill be critiquing your work today.


SuperImposed: i see alot of fraying and wobbly lines in this case remember to use your shoulder and draw with confidence ignoring accuracy for now as you'll be able to practice that once you learn how to smoother lines

Ghosted: your lines are very wobbly which can solved by the above also remember to plan out your lines by rotating your page and ghosting your lines so you can get some of that temporary muscle memory

Ghosted Planes: i know there isnt any but you should really get that in sometime for solo critiques i recommend going to the discord


Ghosted Planes with Ellipses: these are fine but can be improved with some more practice as i see some distorted in the planes focus on confidence rather than accuracy

Tables of Ellipses: while your ellipses are in their bounds they aren't confident and very wobbly albeit some are better than others also while there isn't a rule stating against it im really unsure about how some of the orientations are done here id recommend sticking to the wavy lines rather than the boxy ones

Funnels: Remember to keep the ellipses cut in half while also trying to keep inside the funnel (keeping them inside the funnel is less important however. I've probably dried this word the hell out but focusing on confidence is key here)


Plotted Perspective: not bad you did good

Rough Perspective: your first page is good but later on you start guessing alot remember we're working in one point perspective meaning the lines have the following traits

"All lines that go off into the distance converge at the vanishing point.

All horizontal lines run perfectly parallel to the horizon.

All vertical lines run perfectly perpendicular to the horizon."

there aren't any other traits besides those so try to plan your next line to follow those traits

Rotated Boxes: everybody struggles with these id say you did your best the boxes are nice and snug remember the boxes vps need to shift along the horizon that is actual rotation when the boxes convergences are sharing a position those boxes are not rotated


Organic perspective: its normal to have some perspective wonkiness you will be working on this during the 250 boxes challenge

Overall i heavily recommend focusing on line confidence rather than accuracy using your shoulder and ghosting technique effectively giving you the confidence by using the ghosting technique

Next Steps:

there's some stuff id like you to retry or get critiqued

The Ghosted Planes and the Ghosted Lines:

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:03 PM, Sunday June 12th 2022

Thanks for the feedback.

Here is my second try at Ghosted Lines and Planes: https://imgur.com/a/gtdUy1z

(I'll post these in the Discord as well)

I tried drawing from my shoulder more, and put more focus on confident strokes over accuracy.

2:00 PM, Monday June 13th 2022
edited at 2:02 PM, Jun 13th 2022

Hello again I already see some great improvement nice job! there is a little wobbling in some of the lines but that's gonna be solved with some more practice. When you get better at drawing lines with confidence you can then start focusing your attention on accuracy but always try to keep your lines confident, drawn from the shoulder and ghosted you did great i'll mark this lesson complete.

Next Steps:

Next you should start getting ready for the 250 boxes challenge read the instructions carefully and follow them to the T, read through the boxes section of Lesson 1 as many times as you can. This challenge will not only improve your spatial awareness when its comes to rotating forms (boxes in this case) in 3d space it will help your lines too! good luck Bob.

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edited at 2:02 PM, Jun 13th 2022
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