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9:13 AM, Friday June 24th 2022

It's super cool, looks like a flying knight's helmet to me. It is well developed and I can believe it as a ship. I could easily see it in a Kirby or Twinbee game!

But I am having trouble with seeing what sort of bathroom item you've used, is it a showerhead or faucet? Or is it some bathtub item you own?

9:18 AM, Friday June 24th 2022

Haha thanks a lot of the feedback! :)

It's a bathroom sink though oof I might have added too much 'flair' to it unfortunately! I tried to make the faucet and the taps a little more prominent but I guess I didn't make it prominent enough! >.<

9:24 AM, Friday June 24th 2022

Yeah, though maybe if that dome that is covering the sink is see through then maybe it's easier for us to see it? Like a glass dome if that is the cockpit?

9:47 AM, Friday June 24th 2022

Yeah thats what I wanted it to be essentially! I tried to show it's glass by adding the 'shine' but I should have done some faint linework to show the 'inside' of it. Will keep that in mind next time I do something similar. :3

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