Hey Bowtiebuck, I'm here to critique your assignment.

Lineweight: I didn't notice any extra lineweight on the silhouette of your boxes. As far as it isn't compulsory it helps to show the form in 3D space and is adviced for warmups going forward.

Extended lines and foreshortening:

You extended all lines correctly throughout the exercise and I like how you experimented with foreshortening both dramatic and the normal. However for a few boxes I noticed some wrong perspectives like those of boxes 14 and 62, to be on a safe side it's advised to draw the boxes in three point perspective only and not let vertical lines be completely perpendicular to the horizon line. I'm not going to request revisions for this as I feel it's something warmups can fix, only keep in mind that your Y's should have three angles all greater than 90°s.


You didn't hatch any of the boxes and again as much as it is not compulsory it's also advised to show the side facing the viewer.

I think that's all to be said only review the lesson notes and include these in your warmups. I think you've grasped the basics of three point perspective so I'm marking this lesson as complete