About the 250 boxes challenge

2:13 PM, Tuesday August 3rd 2021
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1:28 AM, Wednesday August 4th 2021

When I click on the link it says access is denied.

3:09 PM, Wednesday August 4th 2021

Oh, sorry. The access is permited now

4:48 PM, Wednesday August 4th 2021

The lines making up the boxes don't look bad, but the hatching lines look a little sketchy and don't reach across the whole side they're on. Keep as much mindfulness when drawing the hatching lines as you do drawing any other line.

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12:26 AM, Thursday August 5th 2021

Hi! I agree with Somethingx that your hatching lines look like they could be ghosted a bit better. I also want to add that you seem to be going over the lines of your box multiple times. While you should go over the silhouette of the box once, after you finish the whole box, to add line weight, I'm seeing 3 lines in some areas, and places you're going over the interior lines as well. This suggests to me that the extra lines are meant to be fixing your mistakes. Don't go over your lines to fix mistakes. Leave them the way they are and try to fix them in the next one.

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