250 Box Challenge

11:16 PM, Wednesday December 2nd 2020

250 Boxes Challenge - Album on Imgur

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This was definitely helpful, especially after the first 100 boxes. My only problem was that it seems to plateau and I'm not sure how I should improve, and if there's anything I should do differently. Any feedback would be awesome. Thank you! :)

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12:56 PM, Thursday December 10th 2020


First off, excellent job on your progress. Your convergence is pretty good at the beggining and is getting significantly better in the later boxes.

Your hashing appears well done and really consistent, great job.

I do not know what those very thick portions of corners were in the earlier parts but it looks like you stopped doing them with only one towards the end. They feel like very dramatic and messy corrections, you should avoid them.

It seems like you were more varied with the shapes of the boxes early on and you slowly got into a comfort zone and started doing similar looking boxes towards the end. I unfortunately did a similar thing and most of my boxes look very similar across pages.

One unfortunate approach you are doing is disregarding the contour part of the exercise. You should go over the outer edges of the box 1 additional time to make them thicker ever so slightly. You seem to have fairly thick lines for all the boxes, I hope you did not misunderstand the requirement and it is only thick because of the colored lines.

Great job overall. I would appreciate if you could critique my own attempt at the exercise.

Next Steps:

Great work overall. Consider looking back at the first few pages and do more variation for future warm up exercises and also doing the thicker contours on the outer edges of the boxes.

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3:29 AM, Friday December 11th 2020

Thank you so much for taking the time to critique my homework! I definitely noticed I was plateauing with my initial Y's, so I will keep trying to push that in my warm-ups. In regards to the thick lines, I didn't thicken up any (just the Drawabox pens I'm using). I didn't think it would be necessary outlining the outer edges, but it would for sure be something I'll push for more moving forward, in order to help the silhouette of my forms.

Thanks again! (I see you have 2 reviewers on your 250 boxes challenge homework, of which I agree with both of them, so I'll keep a lookout for your future ones :) )

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