Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:20 AM, Saturday February 25th 2023

Drawabox Lesson 1 Homework - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/IkqBVw2.jpg

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The line and plane exercises were done using a ballpoint pen. Everything else was done in some cheap fineliners I bought at a dollar store.

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7:42 AM, Saturday February 25th 2023

Hi, Olddesklamp,

I'm here to critique your lesson 1 exercises. I'll be using tips from elodin's guide and a few of my own tips.

Superimposed lines:

I noticed fraying at both ends of some lines and I will like you to incorporate that into your warmups and prioritize confidence as well as plan your lines before you make marks on the page as this will prevent fraying.

Ghosted lines and planes:

You really tried on this exercise however continue to practice and warmup with this and the overshooting will reduce with time.


You really tried on this particular exercise and I think you did your best here.


I'm afraid you didn't do as good here. The plotted perspective looked like it was done in freehand instead of the advised method and shading isn't compulsory but I think if you must do it, then do so well, the hatching lines weren't planned and should have been done with a ruler. The organic perspective boxes looked like you drew from your wrist and didn't make those lines confidently.

I'm going to request revision for some specific exercises.

Next Steps:

1 a page of the plotted perspective exercise

2 a page of the organic perspective exercise but review the lesson notes and videos first.

The rough perspective was quite okay but you will improve as you incorporate them into your warmups during the 250 box challenge. However redo the said exercises and practice ghosting before you do so, then resubmit them here.

Thanks I hope this was helpful.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:58 AM, Saturday February 25th 2023

The plotted perspective looked like it was done in freehand instead of the advised method and shading isn't compulsory but I think if you must do it, then do so well, the hatching lines weren't planned and should have been done with a ruler.

I didn't have a ruler to use, so I instead opted for a DVD case I had nearby. At some point I swapped this out for a small cardboard box as it was more reliable, but IIRC it was after the exercise. I tried folding a piece of paper on itself but it was too flimsy and not sturdy enough. I'll find something else to use before tackling it again.

7:19 PM, Sunday February 26th 2023

Ok try to use a cheap straight edge

6:23 AM, Friday March 10th 2023


Found a slightly bent metal ruler that worked as a good straight edge when the pen was held at a high angle. Although not fully straight, it worked A LOT better than the DVD case. I also gave up on shading the boxes in the plotted perspective exercise partway through since I was short on time.

I made sure to watch the videos and review the notes before tackling the organic perspective exercise again, and managed to make my lines decisively save for a few instances where my pen accidentally hit the paper while ghosting. I'm aware of the curved lines on some of the boxes, and made sure to perform the movements with my shoulder, but it didn't seem to help by much in this case.

5:03 AM, Wednesday March 15th 2023

Nice work! You really improved on the plotted perspective exercise. However, I'll encourage that you include the organic perspective in your warmups.

Sorry for the late reply though

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 box challenge

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