Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

5:14 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Drawabox Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/GIjIwqd

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If you are wondering why I have 17 pages of work instead of 16 it's because when I completed this exercise roughly 6 months ago the instructions asked for 2 pages of plotted perspective instead of the now 1 page instructed. I know this because I took a screen shot of all the instructions to help organize my files on my computer and I checked when I realized there was a discrepancy.

I have already posted this once on reddit, the main reason I am reposting this here is to earn the badge lol. I said earlier that I decided not to repost this because I had already received critique on reddit, but that was before I realized you could get badges. Now that I am aware of that fact I changed my mind and decided to post it here after all for that very reason.

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6:28 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

I... don't think you're going to get it, in all honesty. There's a serious lack of confidence in your lines/ellipses, and, unfortunately, it's not something that improves throughout this submission. Personally, I'd ask you to redo the entirety of it, or, maybe, 1 page from each exercise, but I notice from your sketchbook that you've already gone far beyond this lesson, so I'm not sure. I definitely don't feel like I can, personally, give you a badge, though. So sorry.

6:53 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Okay I don't mind redoing the whole lesson. I did it about 6 months ago so it's not really fresh in my mind so it should be quite beneficial doing it again. I'm just wondering if I redo it do I post a reply here or do I put a new submission?

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3:30 AM, Friday March 6th 2020

Since your revisions were accepted and the site doesn't have a way to agree with replies yet, I'm posting this so that you can get official completion approval on the lesson!

Next Steps:

250 boxes

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7:06 PM, Thursday February 6th 2020

Post it as a reply to this comment.

Next Steps:

1 page of the superimposed lines exercise

1 page of the ghosted lines exercise

1 page of the ghosted planes exercise

Remember that, at this stage, confidence is far more important than accuracy. That is to say, it's okay for a line to miss the guideline, or the end point, so long as it's smooth, and confident. The opposite, is not.

1 page of the table of ellipses exercise

1 page of the ellipses in planes exercise

1 page of the funnels exercise

Similarly, it's more important for an ellipse to be smooth, and circular, than it is for it to fit inside of the bounds of the frame.

1 page of the rough perspective exercise

1 quadrant of the rotated boxes exercise

1 page of the organic perspective exercise

Remember that automatic reinforcing is discouraged. If a line is wrong, it's wrong- don't redo it. If an exercise asks you to thicken a line, be clean, subtle, and only do it once.


When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:15 PM, Thursday February 20th 2020

Here is the work:


10:07 PM, Thursday February 20th 2020

Well done! There’s still the occasional wobbly line, and I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with your ellipses in planes (why’s there 4 of them per plane, ahaha), but this is a massive improvement over the previous submission. Consider this lesson complete~

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge xD

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10:55 PM, Thursday February 20th 2020

My bad lol. Not sure why I did 4 circles per plane. Odd part is that I did the bottom row properly. Part of me is a little annoyed because I didn't follow the instructions to a T as I was instructed to. Didn't even notice honestly until you pointed it out.

Thanks for all your help BenJ.

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