MY biggest criticsim for your arrows is how you aren't adding perspective to as many as you should it seems like you only used perspective in maybe four total on page two. The ones did use persepctive seemed quite fine.


The issue with your sasuages seems quite common, however their are two aspects to it. First is your overuse of ellipses. when using the contour it is important that we only use them where they are necessary. Draw ellipses to denote key changes in form, it only makes things more cluttered and difficult for you. This compounds with your second issue which is your minor axis. Thier isn't reall enough of a change in your minor axis in many of your ellipses which is breaking your illusion. This is especially clear in your half ellipses. This is scene on the full elipses page with 1,4,7,6, and half ellipses with sasuage 6

Addtionally many of the half ellipses show signs of hesitation and so look wiggly. Don't forget to ghost your lines and when your're ready to make a mark on the page focus on the sensation of the ghosted movement.


Your issues with textures are quite common you are focusing too much on the explicit detail not the implicit detail as scene with your grass. Something that helps me to study texture is to think drawing the texture find the cast shadows to focus on drawing the impression of the texture, or rather try to define the texture indirectly. A good example of this was your cat fur

Form intersections:

Your form intersections are very good their are some minor hiccups though. When doing form interections be careful where you chose to place them becasue some of the intersections are to close to the natural boundries of the forms themself. A good example is center box of the all box form intersection. The bottom left corner intersection is too close to it's boundry, and is confusing. Becareful where you choose the shading of your boxes because that can interfear with with your intersections as well. Be wary of your choice in perspecitve because different perspectives can interfer with how a person's brain might view the intersection. This is especially true for boxes. Lastly with exception of some sphere and ellipsoid intersections the end point of every intersection must meet at an edge

Your organic intersections are very good as well no major problems. I would say be more cognizant of where you place your shadows because some of them appear to be opperating under different light sources. This makes it seem like they are in different perspectives. This is seen on the first page of organic intersections the rightmost sasuage shadow is inconsistent with its siblings. Secondly use more line weight to clearly define sasuages and their boundries. Because the contours of the topmost sasuage on the second page of intersections is distracting.