Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:40 PM, Sunday February 28th 2021

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11:33 PM, Sunday February 28th 2021

For starting out, these seem largely normal. Ghosting of lines can use some light improvement, which is something that will come with practice as you find the right speed with which to ghost said lines. That being said, you show clear improvement on this front as the pages go on! Keep up the ghosting as you progress through the lessons.

The ellipses are relatively strong, from what I can tell. You do a good job of keeping them within their relative boundaries. I don't have much to say here, just keep it up as with the lines.

The boxes are what have the most room for improvement. Making sure that their edges converge to a single vanishing point is tough at first, but is something that you can get a sense for by continuing to draw them. As for more specific things that can be improved, I think that you should have made more of the boxes overlap in the perspective exercise, to help with giving off that sense of depth and 3 dimensional space. The sphere made of boxes has room for improvement in terms of 3 dimensionality, particulary in the corner boxes. The vanishing points comment applies here as well. This one is pretty difficult, so this is natural.

Next Steps:

I'd say that you should move on to lesson 2, but don't leave these exercises behind. Do some of the simpler ones as warmups before doing your main drawing for the day. This is also recommended in this whimsical comic by Uncomfortable himself: https://drawabox.com/comic/2.

For an example, the ghosted planes with ellipses on them are a good warmup to get the arm moving. It's also good to draw a box or two, be they for the 250 box challenge or just for the sake of box practice. Not only will this help you improve with the things I've discussed here, but they're also just really good exercises to use for warming up and loosening up.

Long story short: Continue on with Drawabox, but don't forget to practice what you've already done!

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2:41 AM, Monday March 1st 2021

Lupursian should work through the 250 box challenge before they start on lesson 2 so that they can really hone their perspective skills. Other than that I agree. Good quality lines and ellipses, and a solid understanding of what the objective of the exercises were. The only thing that needs work is the perspective, which can be improved by working through the 250 box challenge.

3:29 AM, Tuesday March 2nd 2021

Thank you so much!

3:29 AM, Tuesday March 2nd 2021

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

3:34 AM, Wednesday June 2nd 2021

You are welcome! I wish you well in drawing more boxes.

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