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8:42 AM, Monday April 5th 2021

Regarding the linesection:

To me you seem to have good control over your lines already. Even though you sometimes overshoot, a lot of the time you don't and come close to the dot you're aiming for, so thats great.

Some of your lines (especially on the plains section) have a slight "S-like" curve to them. Maybe something worth looking out for.

Regarding ellipses:

You seem to loose a lot of that control with your ellipses and they often seem to go outside of their designated bounds. (so do I so no shame of course)

They also seem to have a pretty aggressive tail.

But you do get a lot better with time and you did good with the funnels. It feels like most of the circles can be split in half there.

Regarding boxes

With rough perspective you seem to undershoot a lot of the boxes that are far away from the VP. Meaning that they don't go nearly far enough towards the VP.

With rotated boxes, the upper line of a box should be a bit more dramatic than the lower line since it is farther away from the VP.

I was very impressed with your Organic boxes, you seem to have a good understanding of them and your lines are nice and clean. Just try to watch out for those dramatic overshoots.

Hope this helps! Have a good day :D

(also side note some of your photos were really blurry. WHich was fine now but might become a problem for future courses and critiques)

Next Steps:

I'd mostly work on those ellipses. As Uncomfortable mentions in some of the videos: "A confident line does not equal a fast line. Just one without hesitation." and if you look at him draw you can see that he could go a lot faster than he does.

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3:33 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

Thanks for the detailed feedback. The photo bit and advice on the speed that I draw the elipse seem particularly helpful. Still figuring out how to position and move my arm to get the best use out of my shoulder, so I'll keep working on that.

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