Congragulations! Enjoy the course and keep up the good work!

Your line work looks pretty good, and they're mostly consistent in boxes as well. They're straight and crisp. But in boxes I think you can improve your line quality a bit more. Always remember to draw confident lines from your shoulders, even the smallest ones.

Your ellipses look a bit wobbly. For this I suggest that you do a few rounds of ghosting and then draw a confident ellipse. Don't draw too fast or too slow, controled lines here. Also always draw over your ellipses 2-3 times. Don't try to draw a perfect ellipse in one go.

Other than the line quality of your boxes, they're a bit repetitive, especially in organic perspective homework. Also you definitely under rotated your boxes in rotating boxes exercise. But nothing major I would say.

Overall your works look pretty good. Good job!! Good luck with 250 box challenge!!