Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:57 AM, Thursday February 6th 2020

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Started my official journey back in June 2019. I am a UX Designer by trade but fascinated by the concept art industry. I am becoming very serious about making a career change but still lack fundamentals when it comes to drawing and painting. This site has really helped my hone my craft. Any feedback is most welcome. I look forward to reviewing everyone else's work as well. Thanks!


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2:20 AM, Saturday February 8th 2020

I will start by emphasising: Do not grind the exercises. Even if you think you did it wrongly, just do them to the best of your ability, and no more. I will judge your work based on the latest set of exercises in your work.

Superimposed lines: It's mostly fine. But, I think you can up the confidence a little more. Especially in your curved lines, some of your work appears wobbly and unconfident. Do work on that in the future.

Ghosted lines: Some of your lines here are good. But, there are some lines which seem to wobble a little. Remember to always trust your ghosting, and execute with confidence. In addition, do remember that in DAB, we aim for confidence over accuracy. As such, Don't worry too much about making an accurate line for now, focus on making one which is straight and clean. As for the issue of "too light", because we work with fineliners, the best way to achieve a rich black line would be to hold the pen perpendicular to the paper as you draw.

Ghosted planes: Crit here is more or less the same as the lines.

Table of ellipses: I think you should attempt to make more varied "cells" in your work, so as to make yourself think a little more in terms of how the ellipses should be placed. Towards the end, your ellipses appear a little rushed and impatient, so do take the time to ghost and execute each ellipses to the best of your ability. Other than that, ellipse shape is fine, but you should take the time to try and vary the size and orientation of the ellipses.

Ellipses in planes: These are fine, I don't have much to say here.

Funnels: It would appear that you've created a few eggs here as opposed to ellipses. Try to remember to strive for properly shaped ellipses when possible. In addition, your funnels here are a little small. You should try to make sure to vary the funnel size, and, for that matter, make the curve more dramatic. Aside from that, your ellipses are largely aligned to the minor axis, so good job there.

Plotted perspective: Nothing much to say. I do think you could make the boxes a little larger, though.

Rough perspective: You seem to have the idea down, but I will mention that its typical to miss the mark a good deal. I still do that quite often. The point of the exercise is not to get it down perfectly, rather, its to get comfortable with 1pp.

Rotated boxes: I'd suggest you try to make the boxes much larger. It would make plotting much easier. In addition, try to ensure the bottom face is closer to the top face, it makes rotation of the bottom face easier. Aside from that, do remember that all boxes should have vps which converge to different points. As such, there should be varying curves as you draw. The top right set of boxes is done very well in that regard, with boxes having closer vps as you move down. In the same vein, the left boxes could use work, as they appear to have similar vps.

Organic perspective: Box construction isn't perfect, but you'll get accustomed to that soon. Aside from that, I think you can push for the idea of bigger=closer a little more. The 5th panel does this well, but even then I think it can be pushed ever more. Not a bad job though.

Overall, a solid submission. I'll mark it as complete, but I want to remind you not to grind; its not really beneficial. Keep up the good work, and good luck!

Next Steps:

Move on to the 250 box challenge. All the best!

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3:10 AM, Saturday February 8th 2020

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! I have been really hungry for this type of feedback. I started back in June before this feature was on the website. I recently did a big submission of lessons 1 to 3 but it took 8 months to get all that completed. Each page is dated but I left off the year. I feel the pace has been comfortable but I can see where I was rushing. I will keep this feedback in mind. Thank you again.



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