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8:45 PM, Sunday September 13th 2020

Hi all

I'm new to Drawabox today. I graduated from art school many years ago, but am seriously out of practice. So I'm here trying to get my eyes, hands and hopefully my brain back in sync.

I'm just workng my way through lesson one and am interested in what Irshad says about having a naturally dominant direction for drawing a confident line. It makes sense of course, but I've never thought about it before. I'm right handed and it does feel quite comfortable drawing at a 45 degree angle from lower left to upper right. However, working in this direction means that my hand obscures the destination point making it difficult to hit the mark ( I know that accuracy is not the primary objective at tis stage, but it will be necessary at some point). Working from right to left is perhaps slightly less naturel, but I can see the direction of travel.

I'd be interested to hear other people thoughts on this.


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10:49 PM, Sunday September 13th 2020

I just move my head and can see the destination point quite easily. Ghosting to the point helps too.

12:07 PM, Monday September 14th 2020


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11:44 PM, Monday September 14th 2020

You shouldn't need to see the end point. This is part of the reason for the ghosting method, to ingrain the muscle memory of the movement so that you don't need to see exactly where you're going and to be able to execute confidently and later, after much practice, accurately.

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7:35 PM, Monday September 14th 2020

I'm using the Staedtler pigment pen, that works fine even when it's not at 90 degree. So if moving my head isn't enough, I simply lower the angle to gain more visibility. Hope it can help!

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11:04 PM, Thursday September 17th 2020

I'm a lot like you in what is comfortable for me. I like to go from lower left to upper right and I am right handed. I found that if I shifted the angle just enough so I could see the destination point, then that was a workable solution for me. It isn't quite 45 degrees, but close enough I can deal with it. Also, turn your paper as much as you need to so you can get then angle you want. I noticed Uncomfortable recommends turning your paper as much as needed. Hope that helps.

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