Lesson 1 HW submission - critique welcome

5:56 AM, Sunday May 15th 2022

Draw a Box Lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/TwR9h0b.jpg

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Lesson 1 Exercises, ready for review and critique!

These exercises introduced me to drawing with the arm and trying to isolate joints so that the wrist and elbow were less involved. The ghosting method was new to me as well as drawing lines that start and stop on a point. I've had to reset my mind on how to approach drawing, as I definately leaned completly on chicken scratching shapes and erasing in turn until I found something resembling what I was after.

I appreciate the review!



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10:44 AM, Sunday May 15th 2022

Hello SKOL from what I can see your progress is great and you understand the concepts of these lessons you even started to do harder variations of the organic perspective the only thing I see worth improving is elipses I recommend drawing them away from your body and relaxing your grip as you draw them I find this helps me alot and good luck in the coming lessons man they are alot more fun than lesson one and the 250 boxes challenge .

5:31 PM, Sunday May 15th 2022

Hi PERSONMAN,Thank you for feedback. I am 35 boxes in on the 250 box challenge. There's a lot to learn in such a simple exercise.

Regarding the ellipses, I appreciate the tip on direction of drawing. I didn't notice before how my hand blocked a bit more of the course my pen would take. I made a dozen or so ellipses with the pen drawing away from the body and feel it is an improved method since the result is cleaner - more tight and controled.

I'm looking forwards to developing furhter and learning more from this community.

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