250 Box Challenge

10:00 PM, Friday March 31st 2023

250 Boxes - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/ADopgJ0.jpg

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Thank you in advance for the critiques.

Just a note: The extra lines on the silhouette of most boxes are basically my attempt at adding line weights.

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9:11 PM, Tuesday April 18th 2023

Hi Niels, I will be offering some critique for you today.

First off, to me it looks like your did all of these boxes using a ballpoint pen because they look blue. If you did do it in ballpoint pen, now would be the time to get some of the appropriate draw a box pens: https://drawabox.com/recommendations/

As for the actual boxes, you did pretty good here! I can see that you are getting a feel for the way the boxes are constructed in 3d space and as time goes on, less and less drastic mistakes occur. There are a couple things to look out for though. There are some cases where the lines of your boxes do not converge, and instead they stay parallel (14, 24, 33, 42, 49, 50, 68, 81, 85 and more). This happens often enough to be a pretty big problem. When the lines don’t converge, it undermines the point of the exercise, which is to gain an understanding for how boxes operate in perspective and to understand the relationships between converging lines. Do not repeat this in future exercieses and Re read this section of the exercise: https://drawabox.com/recommendations/

Next, lets talk about your hatching lines. They are not bad, but they could be much cleaner. Remember that every single line you draw in drawabox needs to be planned, ghosted, and executed with the same amount of care as every other. Do your best to make every line, even the hatching lines as clean and well executed as possible and never rush it. It is okay for the hatching line to fray (go off its intended target) on one end, but it should not go off target on the other end because you will always have complete control of where you start the line. Just like in the lesson one ghosted lines, you start your line in one spot so it can only fray on one end.

In a few boxes, you tried to redraw some lines (namely boxes 21, 23, 27, 29), which is something you should never do. Instead of redrawing lines, you should just move on with the exercise and seek to not make the mistake in the future. You did not do this very often, so It seems you already understand to not redraw lines. I just thought I would point it out to you just in case.

Other then that, you did this exercise very well! Nice job, I know that it take a lot of dedication and patience. You are ready to take on lesson 2, have fun!

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12:28 AM, Wednesday April 19th 2023

Hello, my heartfelt gratitude towards you for taking your precious time and providing a valuable critique, I really appreciate this gesture.

I will take good care of things you mentioned, especially the point about converging lines, I will go through the section of lesson again that emphasise on this matter.

And I should mention this, that it is indeed a fineliner and not ball point pen, the local store had only this variant of fineliner available, I asked about it in reddit and Uncomfortable said that colour will not be an issue so I continued with it. But I will make sure to get the black ink one asap.

Thank you again, have a great time ahead!

4:30 PM, Wednesday April 19th 2023

Oh, I didn't know that they even made colored fineliners. You don't need to get a black one then, the colored one will do just fine, especally if you already got the go ahead from uncomfortable (although you can get a black one if you want.)

Happy to help!

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