Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

1:33 PM, Saturday February 1st 2020

lesson 1 - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/nxRoCnr.jpg

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I've technically done this already, but like others just uploadin for completeness.

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9:33 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

It's mostly looking pretty decent, but I did notice a few things:

  • In your super imposed lines, you've got some wobbling. This isn't uncommon in the curving/wavy lines but for your straight ones you definitely need to focus more on maintaining a consistent trajectory.

  • Definitely just a touch of hesitation with your ghosted lines - you're still thinking about avoiding mistakes when you execute the line itself, so the line comes out a little stiff/wobbly instead of smooth and confident.

  • Line quality definitely drops in your rough perspective boxes. Looking at the earlier exercises, you can definitely do better than this, but you didn't spend as much time with each individual line.

  • Your box challenge also has a bit of this mistake. And don't forget to draw your frames!

  • There definitely appears to be more guesswork in your rotated boxes than there should be. When you've got two neighbouring edges, you keep them tightly together so you can keep them parallel and skip having to guess how each one behaves.

Since this is an older post, I hope you've continued doing these as warmups, specifically your linework exercises.

Next Steps:

Continue onto the box challenge.

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3:18 AM, Wednesday February 5th 2020

I'll say this as a more general note for the 3 reviews, but thanks for reviewing the submissions I made!

I'm not exactly sure if I've improved much over like the 5 months since I started DAB, but I sure hope I have a little!

I'll get the sausages done and reply to the other one in a day or two. Thanks again for your time!

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