250 Box Challenge

6:28 PM, Saturday April 18th 2020

Drawabox 250 box challenge - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/KAgpMl1

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Finally Completed the 250 boxes challenge. Had fun with it though. Ran into paper problems. So drew in anything I could get my hands on. Sorry for that.

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8:42 AM, Sunday April 19th 2020

First of all congrats for completing the daunting challenge.

I will mark it as complete although there is room for improvement. In the starting the perspective is bit flat which comes off better in the later boxes. Extend your lines more to check if the perspective is right.

1st of you can draw some boxes bigger filling only 4-5 boxes per page and some only one box per page.

2nd give more line weight to the outside form.

3rd draw more from the shoulder with confident strokes as the lines are not coming as straight. Practice the straight lines drawing with shoulders.

4th practice more ghosting before putting mark down.

5th put more thought into the perspective of the box, thinking about how it looks before putting the mark down.

Next Steps:

Move onto lesson 2 and practice more big boxes. Practice long lines and ghosting.

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1:52 PM, Sunday April 19th 2020

thanks man. Yeah will look to improve the line quality. Thanks for the nice review. This will really be helpful.

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