first congratulation for complieting the exercise for lesson 1


its great seeing you not Fraying on both ends but your lines are pretty wobbling, its understandable since you are just beginning to learn how to draw so lack of confident is a normal thing and over time your you be able to draw straight line the more you practice it

I assume you've read through the text but I'll remind you, uncomfomy sayid when your lines tend to curve up or down, you should intentionally curve them in the opposite direction


your ellipses where drawn through 2 to 3 times so you clearly understand what uncomfy said to some degree already plus your accuracy on the Ellipses in Planes and funnel ellipses are fairy accurate, good job on that. however your tables of Ellipses werent as great, you shouldnt draw with for wrist because that will limit the size of the circle you can draw so thats why you should draw with your whole arm


you clearly understand the basic of perspective and your line confident is better than before , very good. Nice try drawing sphere inside your boxes but that is pretty difficult for you to handle so for now just draw boxes and try to understand it ( to learn how to draw circle/ellipses and cylinder in perspective first we should learn how to draw boxes).

When it comes to draw boxes without the horizon line your perspective is very bad.

when you drawing boxes in perspective avoid drawing parallel lines because those lines gonna convert to each other at some point and that point is called vanishing point ( keep in mind: for 1 point perspective the horizontal and vertical lines should be parallel and for 2 point perspective only the vertical line will be parallel )

thats all i have to say, if you have any question feel free to ask me