Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:08 PM, Monday November 1st 2021

Lesson 1 Excercises - Album on Imgur

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Hi there

This is lesson 1 completed, although I do need to mention that I did Planes recently because the original ones were drawn on (Ellipses in planes)

forgive me for the Rotated Boxes one, it was really hard (though I suppose that was the purpose)

Critiques are appreciated.

P.s Many thanks in advance

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11:07 PM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

Congrats on finishing Lesson 1! You're already one step closer to learning the fundamentals of drawing, give yourself a pat on the back and a smile, I'll be taking the helm of critiquing your work!


Your initial planes you drew over with ellipses were slightly sloppy, but other than that you seem to execute your marks with enough confidence for the lesson. Your lines seem to sometimes arch, make sure you're remembering to use your shoulder when you ghost and mark out your lines, and if you are then you should try arching them in the oppisite direction so that they course correct back into place.


These need more work to them. It's clear you lack confidence in them even if you're remembering to draw through them a second time, and they seem to consistently have empty space between them and the borders you draw them in. When ghosting, take as much time as you need until you feel fully comfortable and ready to put down the mark you intended to.


Remember that when it comes to 1 and 2 point perspective, lines that don't have a vp on the page converge infinitely parallel such as the height lines in 1pp and the height and width lines in 2pp. Some of your height lines in the rough perspective exercise skew off a little bit instead of being perpendicular to the horizon line. Take your time in this exercise and think through the perspective. When a box rotates, lines going to a vanishing point converge further away on one side, and get closer on the other. Remember this as you do the rotated box challenge, some of the boxes looked to be heading to the same vp instead of actually rotating further.

Next Steps:

Move onto the 250 Box Challenge, this will help you as you practice making your marks and taking your time to think out problems regarding drawing in space. Good luck, and have fun!

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4:45 PM, Sunday November 7th 2021
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Thank you so much for giving this a critique (I didn't receive a notification for it, am sorry if this is late)

Can you further elaborate on the Boxes part, I don't understand what you mean exactly

and as always, thank you for giving this a critique :)

P.S: I have done the 250 boxes challenge too.

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6:24 PM, Tuesday January 11th 2022

Don't worry about it too much, just remember this part of the boxes section on lesson 1 and keep that in mind, plus what you've learned doing boxes

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2:04 AM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

It is important that you don't draw over lines that you'd already done, remember to stick to your first line, and be confident.

Try to be more careful with your marks and be mindful of what is going to be the purpose of your next line, and try to keep it consistent with the requirements, for example in the plotted perspective remember to keep horizontal lines parallel to the horizon and verticals perpendicular to it.

Try to do more careful planning, that is what is most important for you,you can always improve your markmaking on the way.

4:58 PM, Sunday November 7th 2021

thank you so much for the critique, I appreciate it

How do you plan more carefully (sorry if this is a dumb question)

9:13 PM, Sunday November 7th 2021

While using the ghosting method there are many things you have to be aware of, first of all your confidence, on this depends that your lines are not wobbly. Theres also accuracy and it involves the length of the line as the correct placement of both ends.

And finally you should also be aware if you are drawing your lines in a comfortable angle or position.

I'll give you a piece of advice that you may find helpful, be your own critic while your drawing, you can imagine that you are watching yourself from a 3rd person view and that you critic your every move even before you actually do it, this helps you to be even more aware of what you're doing

9:46 PM, Sunday November 7th 2021

Just tried the Your own critic advice, helps massively.

thank you so much for the advice and taking time out of your day to give me a critique, I really appreciate it :)

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