250 Box Challenge

11:05 PM, Tuesday November 8th 2022

Draw a box 250 Box Tygerson - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/TY4CBT3.jpg

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Here they are. I put the first half into single documents (just to cut down on the number of images), but the rest are individual jpgs.

I went from "Aw man, so many to go!" to (as the end approached) "Gak! I got a routine down with 50% rule stuff and boxes, and that's going to change soon! With trickier exercises! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I really am excited to learn new stuff, though.

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11:56 PM, Monday December 19th 2022

Hey there!

Very well done and one can see that you have gone through the challenge with intention and analysing the boxes as you went along.

I can see you've had trouble with the back corner (if you ask me it's the most difficult part of boxes), and a bit of trouble figuring one of the 3 vanishing points. I think this will come along with the same practice and intention you have used in this challenge.

It's okay to write down your own analysis, but try to either write it on the other side of the paper or on post-it notes to leave other box-enthusiasts a chance to give you their feedback!

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3:16 AM, Tuesday December 20th 2022

Thank you so much!

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