Hello I’ll be handling the critique for your 250 box challenge.


-Your linework is looking confident and it seems that you are using the ghosting method to good effect, as you are getting smooth lines while maintaining good accuracy. The first thing I want to call out is that you have a tendency to repeat your lines, if you make a mistake leave it like that and do not try to correct it by drawing on top of it, by getting rid of this habit you will develop the patience and discipline necessary to do your assignments to the best of your ability.

-It is nice to see that you are using hatching, and it is looking very tidy rather than rushed, you could definitely try to be more tidy with it, remember to keep the hatching lines evenly spaced. Lastly, it seems that you did not use lineweight as much as you could have, it is important that you get used to it, the thing to keep in mind is that you should try to be very subtle with it, and only add one extra superimposed line, take a look at this diagram which shows how to apply lineweight correctly.

Box Construction

-If you feel like you still have trouble to extend your lines in the right direction take a look at this guide , remember that the initial Y will determine the direction in which our sets of lines will be extended.

-Another issue I want to raise is that you have some trouble with diverging lines, remember that our lines should converge even if it is just slightly but they will never diverge or be completely parallel. Additionally it seems that you also have some trouble with lines converging in pairs as shown here , so I want you to look at this diagram which shows the relationship between each pairs of lines and the angles they form respective to their vanishing points.

Keep practicing and you will get better at this and eventually your lines will converge in sets rather than pairs.

-Lastly I want you to keep experimenting with the orientation and foreshortening of the boxes, if you have trouble coming up with new orientations and angles, take a look at this diagram which you can use as reference.

You still have to keep working on these things, but I am sure you will get better with practice, so I’ll go ahead and mark this as complete.