250 box question about vanishing points

5:30 PM, Tuesday January 12th 2021

It is ok to draw thinking on parallel lines insted of the actual vanishing points? I feel like I don't really understand vanishing points, but when I draw making parellel lines looks like they won't converge.

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10:37 PM, Tuesday January 12th 2021

When working on the 250 box challenge, it's very important that you always focus on how the sets of lines that are parallel in 3D space converge towards a single point in 2D space (on the page). You should not be side-stepping the problem of thinking about vanishing points by simply drawing lines that are parallel on the page, and therefore never converging, as doing so will ignore the main focus of this exercise.

We have you draw so many boxes in order to gradually make you more comfortable with the idea that what the marks you're drawing on the flat page represent something that exists in three dimensions. This means trying to capture those convergences, messing it up, then testing them out with the line extensions to see where you were off, then trying again. If you were to just try to keep all your lines parallel on the page, you wouldn't learn anything about how to estimate their convergences consistently.

2:03 PM, Wednesday January 13th 2021

Thank you. Looks like I have to start all over again...

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8:19 PM, Tuesday January 12th 2021
edited at 9:41 PM, Jan 12th 2021

I don't know If I understand your question correctly: do you draw lines that are parallel on paper on purpose or do you end up with parallel lines because you find it hard to visualize the convergence in your mind? In any case, If you draw two or more lines parallel to each other it's expected for them to never meet.

edited at 9:41 PM, Jan 12th 2021
2:11 PM, Wednesday January 13th 2021

I was drawing boxes with parallel lines on purpose. I didn't get the real intention of the exercise on the time I started the challenge, now I see I was doing it wrong, looks like I should start it all over again.

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